About Us

The Customer Experience and Innovation team exists to tangibly and measurably improve the lives of the millions of Australians that our organisation reaches each year. We are obsessed with forming a deep understanding of our customers and using this understanding to improve the way UnitingCare designs and delivers its services. We work with others to design, build, test, and deliver new and better products, services, and experiences for our customers.

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❀️ Welcome to our little online space!

This space exists to provide information on customer and staff improvement projects we have successfully tested that you can take on in your own facilty or region, innovative projects we have launched, our ways of thinking, stories from the field and a whole lot more. It will continue to build over the coming year and we're open to your suggestions. We look forward to potentially working with you on a customer problem, service suggestion or strategic plan.

πŸ“¨ Are you making a change in the business that potentially affects our customers?

We would love to hear from you. We're here to support these changes, ensure they're implemented in the best way possible, work with you and educate on the tools and processes we use to ensure these changes are successful. Please reach out to us by emailing our General Manager Luke Garrett or sending through a note to the team at team@ucspark.com.au.


The marketplace is our way of sharing our innovation and design work across the organisation. It provides you with everything you need to implement a new product or service in your local area. Please use the filters below to find a specific project type or scroll down to take a look at everything you can try at your facility, within your community or in the workplace. If you've initiated one of these projects, we'd love to hear from you!

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Innovation Projects

These are the innovation projects that we have trialled, are testing or have been released into the public or within UnitingCare more broadly. Whilst our marketplace is a growing database of completed and proven projects you can implement to improve the customer or staff experience in your region or facility, innovation projects are separate works we have been developing to transform a service or create a new product or partnership for UntingCare.

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We write about the future, what we're working on, our processes, customer experience, innovation, Ageing 2.0 and results. Click the link below to access our Spark blog on Medium or choose from one of our favourite articles below.

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Some of our favourites

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πŸ“Ž What will aged care look like in 2030? (Jack Andrews)

The Future

As an innovation hub and team working constantly on customer improvements, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Here are a few fun stats.